Tŷ Hafan Precious Moments - Inspiring

Following on from my Tŷ Hafan post last week where I explained all about what they do and their current social media campaign, Precious Moments, I am now ready to announce the word of the week, which is I for Inspiring.

baby girl white wooden floor pink heart rugs


Christmas Outfits for Baby Girls

I'm seriously so excited about celebrating Christmas as a family of three this year, mush to Spencer's disapproval I have gone a little crazy and bought Aria some amazingly cute baby girl Christmas outfits, and of course headbands!

baby girl christmas outfit ideas and inspiration blog post

What My Baby Wore #18

One week soon I will get around to taking a whole week's worth of Aria's outfit photos, or at least more than two. For now I will continue to share the two that I have taken. I am annoyed that I didn't take a photo of her outfit on Monday because I really liked what she wore, I will have to make sure that she wears it again this week so that I can take a photo.

Don't forget to scroll right down to the bottom to link up any baby related outfit posts of your own.


Our IKEA Kitchen Makeover

Back last year our kitchen underwent a massive transformation, it was completely gutted, walls and ceilings were knocked down and we had a lovely new IKEA kitchen fitted. I had every intention of blogging about it when it was completed, but the pregnancy symptoms and illnesses caught up with me and I never got around to it, it has been over a year since we finished it so I figure it is about time I got around to sharing it.

ikea kitchen makeover


Gifts for Baby's First Christmas

We've decided not to go overboard on presents for Aria this year, she will be ten months old at Christmas so doesn't need much, won't understand what is going on and will probably prefer the wrapping paper anyway. Despite not going overboard we have still managed to spend quite a bit of money on two very special presents. 

baby's first christmas gift guide pink floral tepee fisher price beat bo and fairy lights


Slimming World Weekly Weigh In & Food Diary #18

Last week I mentioned that I was really struggling to motivate myself to stick to plan. Just admitting to that helped a lot and seemed to make me more focussed. I did still have a few days of naughtiness but overall I managed to stick to plan and as a result lost 1.5lbs.

As for the week ahead, I had my binge today as I always do on weigh day, I know this doesn't work for everyone but it does for me. I ordered Indian for tea tonight and ordered a bit more so that I can have the leftovers tomorrow, I'm at a funeral and don't think I'll want to cook afterwards. Other than that I am hoping to be on plan 100% for the rest of the week.

slimming world weekly weigh in and food diary header photo


Tŷ Hafan Precious Moments - Cwtch

I am pleased to announce that I have been selected as an Ambassador for Tŷ Hafan's Precious Moments campaign. Tŷ Hafan are a children's charity based in Wales. They look after life limited children, young people and their families, doing what they can to make the most of every precious moment.

black & white photo mother cwtching baby ty hafan precious moments campaign cwtch


What My Baby Wore #17

We've had another week with a poorly baby, she is really full up with a cough and cold, her chest is rattling and she is feeling super sorry for herself so again there aren't many photos this week. The first photo shows how sorry for herself she has been feeling, the second photo was a rare five happy minutes and I absolutely love it!


Review : Lakelovers, Holiday Cottages in The Lake District

We recently stayed at the picturesque Hart Head Barn*, a gorgeous three bedroom cottage hidden away in Ambleside in the Lake District. The cottage contained everything that you could want for a cosy weekend away from reality. If you aren't quite ready to escape reality they also provide wifi and TVs.

hart head barn cottage in lake district via lakelovers uk


Giveaway : Slissie – The UK’s First Electronic Slimming Aid

I’ve teamed up with Slim Lizzie Ltd, makers of Slissie, the UK’s first electronic slimming aid and habit trainer that helps users cut out snacking and change their eating habits for good.

slissie electronic slimming aid starter pack


Slimming World Weekly Weigh in #17 - The Struggle

I'll be honest, I'm struggling, a lot. My motivation has gone. I gained half a pound this week, which actually surprised me because in all honesty I deserved to have gained more.

slimming world weekly weigh in blog post


Review : Indigo Herbs Relax and Unwind Well-being Gift Set

The Relax and Unwind Well-being gift set from Indigo Herbs is packed with herbal relaxing items designed to defuse pressure both inside and outside the body.

relax & unwind with indigo herbs cup of tea with herbal oils and candle


What My Baby Wore #16

Aria has been quite poorly this week hence the red eyes in the few photos that I managed to take of her. I've had a big sort of her clothes, bringing all of the 6-9 month clothing out. I found loads of pretty Summer dresses that due to being so small she didn't get to wear in the Summer, as a result it has been a long sleeve vest, dress and cardigan kinda week. 

whatmybabywore blog linky header photo

Please link up any baby related outfit posts of your own at the end.


Slimming World Weekly Weigh In & Food Diary #16

I've had an okay week this past week, which is annoying because I wanted to have a 100% on plan week. I started well, I even tried to behave on Wednesday after weigh in which is something that I never do. Unfortunately a lot of extra hours in work have taken their toll and the stress is creeping in which is making me want naughty foods. I am actually doing well at keeping the naughty foods to a minimum which isn't like me, but the minimum needs to be zero!

I was very happy to weigh today and find that I have lost 3lb, I have now lost exactly 1 & 1/2 stone. I'm hoping to shift at least another half a stone by Christmas, but really would like more.

slimming world weekly weigh in and food diary blog post header picture

Carry on reading for this week's food diary.


Aria's Eight Month Update

On the 26th October Aria turned eight months old. As usual I am late in writing her update. I am now working again (boo hiss) and am struggling to get into a routine, hopefully everything will fit itself in sooner rather than later.


Review : Pink Parcel - The Period Subscription Box

Monthly subscription boxes are everywhere at the moment and a lot of them are very similar, offering nothing to tempt me. Now and again a box will pop up with quite a unique twist on the original subscription boxes, and when they do I like to try them out! Pink Parcel is one of these boxes with a difference, this subscription box contains the essential items and a few little treats to get us women through that time of the month. 

pink parcel the period subscription box blog review


What My Baby Wore #15

We had Christmas themed photos taken yesterday which means that this week's edition of #WhatMyBabyWore includes Aria's Christmas outfit! It looked lovely on her though we did get some strange looks walking around town after the photo shoot! 

#WhatMyBabyWore blog linky header photo


Review - The Messy Mat

Weaning is messy, especially when your baby decides that throwing food on the floor is an extremely funny thing to do. In your own home it is annoying, when at a friend or relatives home it can be embarrassing, especially if they are eating something like jam on toast. Thankfully there is a simple, and actually quite pretty, solution to keeping the floor clean in the form of The Messy Mat.

image looking down on baby eating with chair on the messy mat review header image


Autumn Clothing Wishlist

I love everything about Autumn (when the sun is shining). I love the colours, I love the fashions, I love pumpkin spice lattes, I love hot dogs while watching the fireworks, I love everything. I popped into town today and got very excited by the gorgeous Autumn clothing currently in the shops, which has inspired me to put together a little Autumn clothing wish list, it really is about time I bought some clothes for myself for a change.

Autumn clothing wishlist collage with white background

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6


Slimming World Weekly Weigh In #15

This week I had a gain, an expected gain and one that I was very happy with. I went on holiday and actually expected to put on more than I did because I had a very good time, and with me a good time usually involves calorific items.

slimming world weekly weigh in header photo


What My Baby Wore #14

We're on holiday at the time of this post going live, as a result there aren't many outfit photos this week as I wrote this post in advance. Don't fear though, there are still two super cute Aria photos and outfits and the linky at the end.

#WhatMyBabyWore linky with a slice of my life wales header photo