My Spring/Summer Wedding Guest WishLyst

Is it just me who likes to create virtual shopping baskets that they can't really justify or afford? We've had a few sunny days recently. The sunshine has got me excited, Wedding season is just around the corner and it is time to plan my Spring/Summer occasions outfit. Obviously the first step in planning is to create a virtual shopping basket on a luxurious website like Lyst.

spring summer wedding guest outfit idea with pink dress and sequin cat bag

Red Valentino Pink Daisies and Cherries Dress  Red Valentino Pink Sling Back  Betsey Johnson Sequin Cat Clutch  Ginette NY Rose Gold Mini Bow Necklace  Balenciaga Rose Gold Boucle Bow Bracelet

I absolutely love the outfit that I have put together, it is all so pink and pretty, the bag isn't quite as smart and 'mature' as the rest of the outfit, but I have to have a bit of my personality showing while adulting, right?

Now that I have my outfit sorted I just need to wait for the Wedding invites to roll in...

Do you ever create your dream virtual baskets? Would you wear this outfit?


  1. That cat purse is so cute! Lovely Wishlist x

  2. Absolutely gorgeous stuff! I create Amazon wishlists! :D x

  3. I *love* those shoes! And, yep, I do this way too much - I love comping, and every time I enter a competition for a voucher I'm there on the website imagining what I would spend it on if I won! x

  4. Ah, that dress is gorgeous! I think it's lovely to have a not-so-serious bag - I bet Aria would love to play with it after! Hope you manage to get your dream outfit x


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