Wilfred's Lovely Welsh Bakes : A Pie To Suit Every Moment

A little while back I was asked if I would like to review a new selection of pies from Welsh based company Lewis Pies Bakery. The new pies, Wilfred's*, have been produced with a strong emphasis on high quality and locally sourced ingredients from Welsh suppliers. Each pie has a unique name to reflect the Welsh speciality ingredients. I love pies and I love Wales, so I was sure to love these, right?

Wilfreds Lovely Welsh Bakes a pie to suit every moment - blog review of wilfreds welsh pies by lewis pies bakery

Wilfred's Welsh pie with salad and chips on white plate
The pies in the new range are :

The Fiery Chick with Collier's Cheddar - Succulent pieces of British chicken in a cajun spiced sauce with Collier's Powerful Welsh Cheddar encased in a hot water crust pastry.

The Clucking Valleys - Succulent British chicken and vegetables in gravy wrapped in a hot water crust pastry.

The Lamb of my Fathers - PGI Welsh Lamb and vegetables with mint, faggots and a dash of local laverbread encased in a hot water crust pastry.

The Saucy Cow - Pieces of PGI Welsh Beef Steak in a rich Gower Power Ale Gravy encased in a hot water crust pastry.

The Steak & Tatws - Tenders pieces of PGI Welsh Beef in a rich gravy with chunks of British potatoes encased in a hot water crust pastry.

The Gower Cwtch - Pieces of tender PGI Welsh Beef Steak with leeks and a hint of horseradish encased in a hot water crust pastry.

What I love about this range is the variations of pies, you have the more traditional pies such as Steak & Tatws and then the unusual pies such as The Fiery Chick. This variety was perfect for Spencer and I, me being more of a traditional pie lover and him loving the unusual fillings, especially those that contained heat!

We thoroughly enjoyed every pie from the range. My least favourite were The Fiery Chick and The Gower Cwtch, purely because I don't like spice or horseradish, however these two were Spencer's favourite of the bunch, which worked out well! My favourites were The Steak & Tatws and The Lamb of my Fathers.

These really are high quality pies, all of the lamb and beef steak is recognised as quality produced, sourced locally in Wales. The chicken pies are full of Red Tractor assured British chicken that meets high animal welfare standards.

With Welsh ingredients, unusual names, delicious pastry that didn't crumble and pies that were full to the brim with filling these were a real hit in our house.

Wilfred's Pies are brand new so there isn't a list of stockists available yet, if you are interested in trying them then keep an eye on their FAQ page, they should be stocked in Butchers, delis and eateries soon.


  1. Leanne Stop! These look ammmmazing, anything I have for my lunch will be a total disappointment now. Fiery Chick or Saucy Cow would be my top picks.

    1. haha sorry! They were so nice and I also didn't appreciate my launch (cheese & ham sandwich!) after publishing this, torture!


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