Blogging Income & Stats September 2016

My blog mojo finally seems to have returned, even this week while battling a Winter cold and flu I have managed to post EVERY SINGLE DAY! Can I get a round of applause please? While September wasn't a great month income wise I certainly made up for it with review items, I received some fantastic goodies and am looking forward to sharing them with you soon. The sponsored posts seem to be picking up again and I am really hoping for some good income months going forward, especially in the run up to Christmas.

Ever wondered what kind of money you can make from writing a blog around your job? This blog details the income and stats of a part time blogger, including an estimated amount of the value of review items received.

During September my blog received 13,983 page views 8,798 of which were from unique users. I had hoped for better stats this month as I have been putting more effort into my blog, but I haven't been putting much effort into promoting it which I guess is why my stats aren't great. I finished the month with a domain authority of 28, a Tots100 ranking of 256, Foodies100 ranking of 127 and a Snapchat score of 1,627. My followings on the 1st September are as follows :

Facebook : 551 (+18)
Twitter : 2,743 (+100)
Instagram : 2,399 (+267)
Pinterest : 737 (+47)
Google+ : 397 (-1)
Bloglovin' : 884 (+18)
YouTube : 46 (+14)

Sponsored blog post fees - £50
Sponsored Instagram fees - £82.36


Paypal fees - £1.90 (annoyingly I get charged when companies pay me via Paypal)
Blogfest Ticket - £75
Facebook Advertising - £3.09

Total income less expenses : £52.37

On top of the income I received approximately £613.29 worth of products to promote/review.

Total income, less expenses + review items : £665.66

Review items/products to promote were : JD Williams clothing for me, me&i clothing for Aria, Piccolo pouches, Riverford box, Degustabox, Aldi baby food hamper, Just Us Box, JORD watch, family meal at STRADA Cardiff and a Wow Toys Advent Calendar.

I have outstanding fees totalling £240 which should be paid out in October.

My five most popular posts published in September were :

Tutorial & Giveaway : Multi-Colour Tie Dye Sleepsuit with Dylon
Toddler Tantrums, Tears & Sickness

How did your blogging work go in October? Did you have a good, bad or average month?


  1. That's a great month! Well done for blogging every day and brilliant income and. Stats too! X

  2. Ooh this is really interesting. Thanks for sharing it :)

  3. This sounds like you have had a really good month :) it is really interesting reading these reports, Thanks for writing them!

  4. I love reading these. Must be the nosey person that lives within in me!

  5. That's brilliant, well done :) I love reading these posts too Lisa! x

  6. Thanks for following me on Twitter, and thank you for sharing your income reports! I am only recently beginning to understand the nature of web traffic and blog visitors, so my focus is driving traffic. That said, in the last 2 weeks alone I have received confirmation from several companies that will send me products to review, and I have already received almost £70 worth of products to review, so that must be good, yes? :) https://spookymrsgreen.com/2016/10/10/doing-our-bit-for-a-brightfuture/


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