Aria's Eleven Month Update

How is it possible that Aria, my little baby, will be one year old next month? One whole year? Where has the time gone? We've had another hard month, a ten, almost eleven month old baby with tonsilitis is hard going! But, as always, we've also had an amazing month watching Aria learn and develop more and more.


Review : Dyson V6 Animal Cordless

We decided to treat ourselves to a new vacuum cleaner with our Christmas money this year, we've had the Dyson DC50 Animal Upright vacuum cleaner for around eight years now, and while it is still in perfect working order we decided that we wanted something a little less bulky. We really liked our Dyson Animal vacuum and found that it worked amazingly at, surprise surprise, picking up the cats hair, and mine, I shed a lot of hair! As a result and after a lot of research we decided to stick to the same brand, especially when we found it on offer for less than £250.
blog review of the dyson v6 animal cordless vacuum cleaner


Isotretinoin Update #1

At the grand old age of thirty I decided that it really is about time I got my acne sorted out. I've suffered with it for years, I'm not sure exactly how long but I do recall being called pizza face in the last year of junior school, and that was a very long time ago! Back last month I started taking a drug called Isotretinoin, also known as roaccutane. This is a very strong drug with some very serious side effects, thankfully both my Doctor and Dermatologist agreed that it is about time my adult acne was sorted out and decided that this was the drug for me. I've now been taking it for just over a month.

Carry on reading to find out how the past month has gone, side effects and everything.

blog post isotretinoin one month update roaccutane


Event : Shake Shack Launch, Cardiff

The food scene in Cardiff is exploding, there are so many fantastic chain and independent restaurants to choose from it is a foodies dream. I have a list of restaurants that I want to visit but can't because of both lack of time and lack of money, as a result I was over the moon when we were invited along to the launch of Shake Shack in the St David's shopping centre.

blog post shake shack Cardiff launch event


Review : Fisher Price Rainforest Space Saver Jumperoo

If anyone asks me what I deem to be must have items for a baby I always mention the Jumperoo and how much of a saviour it has been for us, and still is. Mother's that haven't had them will often say they are over priced, mother's that have had them will tell you that they are worth every last penny. Carry on reading to find out why the Jumperoo really is the must have baby toy.

blog review of the fisher price space saver jumperoo including a short video


Restaurant Review : The Newbridge-on-usk

The Newbridge-on-Usk, part of the Celtic Manor, is the perfect place to enjoy a peaceful break or fine dining (or of course, both!). Located on the banks of the River Usk and accessible by country lanes the Newbridge is a hidden gem, a hidden gem that we went along to experience a little while ago.

blog post restaurant review the newbridge on usk


Review : Toucan Box - Children's Craft Subscription Service

During my time as a blogger I have reviewed several subscription boxes, including beauty, lifestyle, adult craft, food and even a period themed box. Today I am going to be reviewing the Toucan Box*, a children's craft subscription service.

blog review of Toucan Box children's craft subscription service


What I Wore : Retail Job Interview

A little while back I decided to leave my career behind and concentrate on my baby, unfortunately we couldn't afford for me not to work at all so I decided to attempt to find a job in retail. I haven't had a job interview for years, the ones that I have had have been for admin jobs, I really was clueless as to what to wear for a job interview in the retail sector. I settled for smart casual and the job search was actually very successful, I was given three interviews and offered two jobs, so I can only assume that what I wore was more than acceptable.

retail job interview outfit inspiration ootd


Aria's Ten Month Update

My little baby turned ten months on Boxing Day, her first birthday is going to be here before we know it. These past ten months have gone by in such a blur, yet they have been the best ten months ever! Granted, there have been ups and downs, but they have been pretty awesome overall.

baby with today I am 10 months old milestone card


Review : Christmas Afternoon Tea at The Celtic Manor

I recently went along to the popular Celtic Manor resort, Newport, with two of my friends for a festive afternoon tea treat*. The Celtic Manor is becoming more and more well known for their seasonal themed afternoon teas, which comes as no surprise because they really are delightful, both in taste and in appearance.

blog review of christmas afternoon tea at the celtic manor resort newport


Recycling The Christmas Waste

That is it, Christmas is over for another year and we are left with a tonne of rubbish to clear up. With more and more of us turning to recycling nowadays and most Council's giving out smaller bins or collecting rubbish less often it can be quite a struggle to dispose of the excess rubbish that Christmas brings with it, which is why I have put together this handy guide detailing what can be recycled where.

recycling the christmas waste handy guide for what can be recycled where


My New Year Wishes - 2016

I don't tend to make new year's resolutions, if I want to make a change I make it as and when I decide that I want to make it, if I started 'saving' these changes up so that I could start them in the new year I'd either forget about them or just decide that I no longer want to do them. Instead, I make wishes for the year ahead, things that I really hope happen.

happy new year baby photo baby wearing party dress bunting