Travel : Dewstow Gardens & Grottoes, Caerwent

A little while ago Sarah of Hills & Daffodils wrote about the beautiful Dewstow Gardens & Grottoes, I was shocked to discover that there was somewhere so pretty on my doorstep and I hadn't ever heard of it. I had to arrange a visit.

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Wilfred's Lovely Welsh Bakes : A Pie To Suit Every Moment

A little while back I was asked if I would like to review a new selection of pies from Welsh based company Lewis Pies Bakery. The new pies, Wilfred's*, have been produced with a strong emphasis on high quality and locally sourced ingredients from Welsh suppliers. Each pie has a unique name to reflect the Welsh speciality ingredients. I love pies and I love Wales, so I was sure to love these, right?

Wilfreds Lovely Welsh Bakes a pie to suit every moment - blog review of wilfreds welsh pies by lewis pies bakery


Top Magical UK Easter Events to Explore

Easter should feel magical. There are loads of places that you can enjoy over the Easter break, but we’ve come up with three that’ll make for a truly unforgettable day out. Imagine getting the opportunity to go behind the scenes at Cadbury World, experience Charlie’s Chocolate Factory for real, or to jump into the world of Peter Rabbit. Well, believe it or not, now you can. All you need to do is to check the directions, collect your friends and family and drive to the magical Easter destination of your choice!

top easter events in the UK 2016


Last Minute Easter Bonnet Crafts with a Thirteen Month Old Baby

I had no intention of making an Easter Bonnet this year, Aria is only thirteen months old and (obviously) not in school yet so it hadn't crossed my mind. She goes to private nursery one day a week and it hadn't even entered my head that they would ask us to make Easter bonnets.

last minute easter bonnet with a thirteen month old - baby on white wooden floor looking up at camera holding craft items ready to make a bonnet

Recipe : Collier’s Cheddar Polenta With Grilled Lettuce & Salsa Verde

As mentioned previously I recently attended an event at The Hardwick Restaurant to find out more about the collaboration between Chef Stephen Terry and Collier's Powerful Welsh Cheddar.  While we were there Stephen Terry cooked up a delicious, quick and simple dish - Collier's Cheddar Polenta with Grilled Lettuce & Salsa Verde. Read more for this recipe and to download the free cooking with Collier's recipe book which contains a further twelve recipes, all created by Stephen Terry.

Stephen Terry's Recipe for Collier’s Cheddar Cheese Polenta with Grilled Lettuce & Salsa Verde


Review : The Baby Swimming Shop

Up until she was one year old Aria had never been swimming, which is pretty shocking to be fair. I bought her a cheap costume from Primark a while back along with some disposable swimming nappies, got all confused as different people told me that they needed to be wearing different things and never ended up going. When I saw The Baby Swimming Shop* I decided to bite the bullet and take Aria swimming. The website was helpful and helped me easily figure out exactly what Aria needed to wear.

review of the baby swimming shop pink zoggs trainer seat pink splash about happy nappy and costume

Easter Gifts For The Whole Family

I buy for a variety of ages for Easter, ranging from one right up to thirty three, me being me I like to find gifts that are a little bit different, whether it be an unusual egg or a chocolate flavour beer. I've already shared Aria's Easter basket so in this post I will be sharing what I've bought for the rest of the family.

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Easter with HEMA

Every year I plan to decorate my house for Easter. Every year Spencer tells me not to be ridiculous and that it is a waste of money. This year, thanks to HEMA* I am happily injecting the Easter spirit into my house.

Easter with HEMA easter chocolates, decorations, marshmallows and egg decals from HEMA

The Jamie Oliver Breastfeeding Debate - My Thoughts

Unless you've been living under a rock you will be well aware that all hell as broken loose following Jamie Oliver's views on breastfeeding. I'll be honest, I saw the backlash before the original comment and assumed that Jamie had said something incredibly out of order.

blog post in response to the Jamie Oliver breastfeeding campaign in support of jamie oliver


An Easter Gift Guide for a Thirteen Month Old - Aria's Easter Basket

This year is the first year where Aria will be able to eat chocolate at Easter time, last Easter she was only two months old so chocolate was a no-go. I have however made the decision not to buy her much chocolate, just a small token gesture of chocolate because I couldn't not buy any. The reason being is my family really wanted to buy her chocolate last year, so I have a feeling that they are going to go chocolate crazy this year! Aria won't be able to eat it all and I am (kind of!) on a diet so don't want too much temptation. I'm already eyeing up her egg from nursery.

an easter gift guide for a thirteen month old baby a white basket containing books clothing and a token gesture of white chocolate coins


Review : The Hardwick Restaurant & Hotel Abergavenny

The Hardwick restaurant and hotel in Abergavenny is situated beautifully in amongst the countryside, and is run by professional chef Stephen Terry. We were recently invited along to The Hardwick* by Stephen Terry and Collier's Welsh cheese for an overnight stay and plenty of food. Carry on reading for my thoughts on the food and the rooms.

Review of the hardwick restaurant and hotel in abergavenny scenic photo of hardwick sign with mountain views in background on sunny day


Home : The Busy Mum's Dream Bedroom

Now that I'm a mum I seem to cherish my bedroom even more, my bedroom is mine (and Spencer's, begrudgingly), it is my place to relax and be left alone. Aria will come into our bedroom occasionally but not very often, usually the only time it is used is for sleeping and relaxing. Now that I'm appreciating the 'me time' in my bedroom I would like to update it a little, I want to turn it into the ideal mummy retreat, somewhere calming for me to escape to at the end of a busy day.

the busy mum's dream bedroom wishlist


Review : Mustela Baby Bath & Skin Products

There are so many baby products on the market nowadays, all claiming to be the best yet. Finding the right product for you and your baby can be both difficult and overwhelming. We were recently sent a bundle of Mustela bath & skin products* for review purposes. Mustela stock a wide range of products for expectant mothers, babies and children. They have an eco friendly policy and their products are specially designed to minimise their impact on the environment. Products in the Mustela Bébé range contain, on average, 92% ingredients of natural origin.

blog review of mustela baby bath and skin products.


Tag : Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers

A little while back Bear and Cardigan nominated me to join in with the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers tag. I enjoy taking part in a tag, I think they are a great way for my readers to get to know me a little better, and a good way for me to share things on here that wouldn't fit in to a normal blog post. The tag is simple, I have been set ten questions to ask, once I have answered them I have to set ten questions for another seven bloggers.

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My Hair Donation To Little Princess Trust

I'm quite late posting this, life just gets in the way at times doesn't it? I've been considering a drastic hair cut for quite a while now, since having Aria I always tend to slap it back in a messy bun to avoid her pulling at it, it seemed pretty pointless having long locks when they were always back. I've made a hair donation to Little Princess Trust before and decided that it was time to do it again. Danny tagged me to join in with the #HairToSpare challenge so obviously I had to go ahead and book a hairdressers appointment straight away.

#hairtospare a donation to the little princess trust


Aria's Twelve Month Update

My baby is one, how? Is she even a baby anymore, when do they go from being a baby to a child? She isn't toddling yet so I assume that means she can't be classed as a toddler? In fact, despite being one Aria still isn't crawling, walking or doesn't have any teeth yet, which to me means that she is still a baby, right?

baby 12 month update one year old


Review : Kitchen Trotter Food Subscription Box

Both Spencer and I love to experiment with different cuisines, I haven't travelled much but when I do I love to sample the local dishes, my favourite cuisine so far being Greece. Lack of funds means that we aren't necessarily able to sample as wide a variety of cuisines as we would like, which is why I was so excited to review new food subscription box service Kitchen Trotter*. Kitchen Trotter allows you to experience the tastes of the world from the comfort of your own home.

blog review of kitchen trotter exotic cuisine food subscription box

Carry on reading to find out what we thought of Kitchen Trotter and to get a discount code off your first box.


Home : Interior Inspo

Now that we have made the decision to take our house off the market and stay put for a while I am feeling inspired to make changes. People who viewed our house were very complimentary; these compliments have helped me fall in love with my home again. Much like when we bought the house many years ago I'm now seeing potential everywhere I look and I cannot wait to start re-decorating.

home interior inspiration blog post

World Book Day : Children's Bedtime Stories eBook

I love World Book Day, I love logging onto Facebook in the morning and seeing the endless stream of photos of children in their fancy dress outfits, some creative some not so, but all equally as cute. I don't want Aria to grow up, but I am very excited to create costumes with her based on her favourite books, because she WILL like books.

children's bedtime stories free ebook guess how much i love you


Aria's First Birthday Cake Smash

A lot of people disagree with cake smash photo shoots, saying that they are wasteful, buying a cake just to smash up is almost making a mockery of people who can just about afford to get by day to day. I get that, but, I also wanted to capture some special memories for Aria's first birthday. The cake cost us £10 from Asda, yes, to some people that is a lot of money, but if we didn't do the cake smash we would have gone out and spent money on some attraction and then spent over £10 on top for cake and coffee while we were there. Plus the cake didn't get wasted, Spencer and I quite enjoyed sampling it while cleaning the mess up.

first birthday cake smash pink themed girl