Review : Monstrously Healthy Children's Food From Bear

We're always looking for healthy snacks for Aria, she has three meals a day but some days she just wants more, or needs something to tide her over while she is impatiently waiting for her food to cook. We're also always looking for ways to sneak fruit and veg into Aria's diet as she isn't much of a fan. When we were asked if we would like to trial some healthy snacks from Bear* we couldn't resist!

Blog Review of Monstrously Healthy Children's Food From Bear - a selection of healthy bear foods including snacks and sweets and cereal


Review & Giveaway : CaseApp

I had an LG G3 for a little while, one of the things that I hated about it (amongst many may I add) was that finding personalised cases to fit it wasn't an easy task. I missed Apple (and phone covers) so much that when I saw a friend selling an iPhone 4s I snapped it up, it will do for a few months until I can upgrade later this year. Obviously the first thing I did once I had the phone was order a personalised phone case*.

Review & Giveaway : Customised Phone Case from Case App - InstaFamous colourful hipster phone case with photo


Review : The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction

Back at the end of last year we went on a cottage holiday in the Lake District, while we were there we decided to take a boat over to Bowness-on-Windermere and visit The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction, Aria was a little too young to appreciate it to it's full extent but us adults were fascinated by it.

blog review and photos the world of beatrix potter attraction rockery in beatrix potter garden


Baby Girl Party Outfits : My Picks

Aria has a better social life than me. This month alone she has three parties to attend. I currently only have one party dress for her which just won't do, she can't be seen in the same social circles wearing the same dress all the time now can she? She has an amazing casual wardrobe (better than mine) but her ever increasing popularity means that I really need to work on the party wardrobe.

I've picked some of my favourite party dresses from Matalan, Next and Esprit, all available in Aria's current size 6-9 months.

baby girl party dresses wishlist all fit size 6-9 months


Review : West Lakes Chalets at Minehead Butlins

Earlier this year we were thrilled to be selected as Just For Tots Ambassadors for Butlin's, the result of which was our Monday - Friday break at Minehead Butlin's a few weeks ago. We stayed in the new West Lakes Village in a chalet* so beautiful that it deserves a blog post all of it's own.

blog review of West Lakes Chalets at Butlins Minehead


Review : Make My Day Bib

Aria is such a messy eater, which isn't helped by the fact that we give her foods like Spaghetti Bolognese to eat by herself with her hands. Her clothes and bibs constantly have an orange tint to them where the food stains will just not budge. We've bought plastic bibs before but we've found them to be stiff which annoys Aria, they also crack over time plus they aren't very pretty.

review make my day bib  blog header photo blue silicone sheriff bib with crumb catcher


Aria's First Birthday Celebrations

Seemings as Aria's first birthday was almost two months ago (how did that happen?) it really is about time that I shared what we did for her first birthday, I've already shared her Alice In Wonderland themed birthday party and the cake smash photos but not the rest of the celebrations.

blog post about first birthday celebrations - baby sat on bed with first birthday milestone card


Restaurant Review : Chiquito, Friars Walk, Newport

A little while back I was invited to my local Chiquito* to review their new Spring menu, I've only ever been to Chiquito once in the evening with friends, after a quick look on-line I discovered that they serve children's meals so decided that Aria and I would treat my friend and her son to some good food and good company!

Restaurant Review : Chiquito, Friars Walk, Newport blog post

Review & Giveaway : Funky Giraffe Bibs

A lot of people think that bibs are ugly and ruin an outfit, I'm the complete opposite, I think that a nice bib is often the perfect finishing touch to an outfit, I think of them more as an accessory than a necessity. Aria doesn't really need them as she doesn't drool much and wears a rubber bib when eating, but she will be wearing one more often than not because I like how they look.

Review & Giveaway Funky Giraffe Bibs - blog header photo a selection of girls designer bibs laid out on white wooden floor


Guest Post : I Ate My Placenta & I Would Do It Again

Did you eat your placenta following childbirth? Is it something that you would consider doing? If so, you will most probably really enjoy today's guest post from Louise. 28 year old Louise has been single since pregnancy due to an abusive relationship. Louise had her placenta encapsulated and made into smoothies, carry on reading to find out why and how.

I ate my placenta and i would do it again - blog post about eating placenta in the form of tablets


What's on Aria's Bookshelf April 2016

We've been reading to Aria since day once, I have always loved reading and hope that she will follow suit, books are a great way to capture imagination and relax as well as to help baby learn and develop. We've fallen into a trap of reading the same few books to Aria over and over again, despite having loads of options. To stop this from happening I have pulled all of the books off her bookshelf and will select a few books each month.

Carry on reading to see which four books I've selected this month and how we are enjoying them so far.

What's on Aria's bookshelf April 2016 - blog post showing current books being read to 13 month old baby


Pregnancy & Childbirth One Year On - The Symptoms That Didn't Go Away

I was naive when I was pregnant, I assumed that I would give birth and 'boom' I would return back to normal, all of those horrible pregnancy symptoms would disappear overnight. It turns out that I was wrong, very wrong, over one year on I still have some of the symptoms.

pregnancy symptoms that don't just disappear overnight and are still present one year on


Review : Freida's Pantry Super Charged Food Bars

As the exhausted mother of a busy one year old I am always looking for energy boosts, I don't want to go down the route of energy drinks as they really aren't very good for you, I prefer to find my energy boosts in more natural, healthy sources, such as Freida's Pantry Super Charged Food Bars*.

blog review of Freida's Pantry Super Charged Food Bars


My Non-Negotiables List

The non-negotiables list, originating from Kate at Pouting in Heels, has made quite a storm in the blogging world. Kate wrote the post urging everyone to write their own list of non-negotiables, a list of things that you will do for you and will not compromise on. Since Kate's initial post the non-negotiables has now turned into a tag post, with bloggers nominating other bloggers to write their own list, the lovely Lucy of Hello Beautiful Bear recently tagged me to join in.

blog tag post my non-negotiables list


Working Parents - How Do You Do It?

I'm stressed, I'm exhausted and my house is a tip. Spencer and I are living off takeaways and my daughter is living off fish fingers and other processed delights. I have a rapidly growing to do list and no time to do it. What I want to know is, fellow working parents - how do you do it?

Working parents - how do you do it? Blog post about the struggles of working while raising a child - header photo with large sink full of dirty washing