June Degustabox Unboxing Vlog - The BBQ Box

If you've been following me for a little while you will know that I am a real foodie, I love trying new and unusual food, which is why when Degustabox contacted me asking if I would like to review their June box* I jumped at the chance.

June Degustabox review and unboxing vlog


Family Fun in The Lake District

Back in October we had a family holiday in the Lake District, we spent a week in a gorgeous cottage in Ambleside. Aria was only eight months at the time meaning that all activities had to be pushchair friendly and of course, entertaining for us adults. Walking up mountains in the rain just doesn't appeal to Spencer and I, and the pushchair gave us the perfect excuse to avoid the glorious hills of the Lake District and seek out alternative activities.

family fun in the lake district - windermere lake at sunset


Gentleman's Afternoon Tea At The Park Plaza, Cardiff

When I heard that The Park Plaza in Cardiff were doing a Gentleman's Afternoon Tea, a twist on the traditional afternoon tea swapping finger sandwiches for mini venison burgers, I just had to book. Spencer and I love afternoon tea, but we also love burgers and steak, this sounded perfect for us.

review of the gentleman's afternoon tea at the park plaza in cardiff


Britmums Live 2016 - My Thoughts & Goody Bag Vlog

Yesterday I attended my first ever Britmums Live conference, the largest parenting blogger conference in the UK. I've wanted to go for a while now but could never justify the cost. This year I saved up a little money from sponsored posts and decided to bite the bullet and go. I am so glad that I did.

Britmums Live 2016 review and goody bag vlog


Travel : What To Pack For A Family Caravan Holiday

There are so many things to consider when packing for a caravan holiday, especially if you are going with a small child, little things like hand towels and dishcloths are almost always forgotten. This year was the first time that we had stayed in a caravan as a family of three, and of course, we forgot to take loads of stuff resulting in a mad dash to the supermarket and wasting money on things that we have at home. As a result I have decided to put together my caravan holiday packing essentials.

what to pack for a family caravan holiday blog post with caravan essentials - header image of caravan park at sunset / dawn


My Sunday Photo #5 - Father's Day

With today being Father's Day I thought it was apt to share a photo of Aria and her daddy this week. This photo was taken on a recent walk around Cwmbran Boating Lake and the surrounding area. The blossoms are in full bloom at the moment and everything is looking so pretty, bright and colourful - creating perfect photo opportunties.

daddy and daughter photo sat on felled tree with pink Rhododendron backdrop

Happy Father's Day Spencer!


Review : Shake Shack Cardiff

Spencer and I recently went along to Shake Shack Cardiff to trial their limited edition Yard burger*, the burger will be available in all UK branches from 1st - 22nd June 2016. We had visited Shake Shack once before for the launch event and were keen to go again.

Shake Shack in St David's Cardiff


Review : Wicked Uncle Pound N Tap Bench With Xylophone

We were recently picked as bloggers for Wicked Uncle and provided with a voucher code so that we could purchase a new toy for Aria. Wicked Uncle state that they are the home of brilliant children's presents and that their mission is fun.

Review : Wicked Uncle Pound N Tap Bench With Xylophone


Teletubbies... Babysitting Since 1997

So many people are quick to judge now. Parents get slated for pretty much everything. To some parents allowing their children to sit in front of the TV is a big no no, but not to me, I'm normal and I have needs, I need to wee, I need to eat, sometimes I just need five minutes peace and quiet. Much to my frustration Aria has never been interested in the TV, until we discovered that the Teletubbies had re-launched, then things changed...

teletubbies babysitting since 1997 baby watching teletubbies


A Perfectly Practical Father's Day Gift Guide

I always struggle to buy gifts for the men in my life, I like to buy something special but also something that is useful and won't just be tossed in a corner never to be seen again. Shops and on-line retailers seem to be latching onto this and launching some fantastic perfectly practical gifts for the men in our lives.

The perfectly practical father's day gift guide - a guide of practical gifts for men including personalised hammers and garden tools


Is My Baby Slow? It Isn't A Competition, It Is A Journey

Aria is a little behind in comparision to a lot of children her age. People say that you shouldn't compare children, they are all different in their own ways, and they are right, but it is very difficult not to compare in this day and age when social media means that you can't switch your phone on without seeing that another baby of a similar age has just ticked off another massive milestone.

baby laughing - header image for blog post about a fifteen month old developing slowly.


My Sunday Photo #4 - Cwmbran Boating Lake

Last week we made the most of the sunshine, we packed a picnic and headed to Cwmbran Boating Lake. We decided to sit in the fields just behind the lake as it was a lot quieter. Aria finally conquered her fear of grass which resulted in me taking some lovely photos of her in the fields.

baby girl sat in field of daisies Cwmbran Boating Lake South Wales


I'm Going To #BML16

I'm pretty excited that I've just bought myself tickets to attend Britmums. It has always been something that I have wanted to do but could never justify the expense of, but this year I'm throwing caution to the wind and using some of my blogging income to live a little and go. I'm crying inside as this means that my new camera and tattoo are being put on hold, again, and also really hoping that I can find a last minute sponsor (pretty please), but, for now at least, I have decided to sod it and pay for it myself.

I'm going to Britmums live 2016 #BML16 header image keyboard and flowers with text


My Sunday Photo #3 - Chasing Waterfalls in Wales

This week's Sunday photo was taken on a trip to the Waterfall Country in Glyn-Neath. We didn't get to explore as much as we would have liked to as we got there about an hour before lunch, that meant we had to turn back once we had got so far so that we could get back for Aria to have some lunch. Stupid me didn't think to take a packed lunch.

father carrying baby in baby carrier


I Have A Violent One Year Old

People probably think I'm being a little crazy, she is so cute and she is only one, how can she possibly be violent, I mean look at that face... butter wouldn't melt. Don't be fooled by her looks, that cute little face below, those big wide eyes and that little smirk - that is the face of violence.

blog post header image my violent one year old


Blogging Income & Stats May 2016

My income and stats report last month proved to be very popular and so I have decided to carry on publishing this on a monthly basis. I had a better month in May than April, there were a few more sponsored posts and also two advertising commission payments.

blog income and stats report may 2016 keyboard and flowers flatlay