Keeping Your Home Safe While Enjoying Your Holiday

If you've got a holiday planned this year you will want to ensure that you have plans in place for keeping your home safe and burglary free while you are away, after all, you want to be able to relax and enjoy your holiday, not worry about what may or may not be happening back at your empty home.

hands forming heart around red toy house - Keeping Your Home Safe While Enjoying Your Holiday blog post with top tiops


No.. My 17 Month Old Isn't Behind - Marketing Emails Stop Telling Me She Is!

You may recall a few months ago I wrote a blog post asking if my baby was slow, I'd got carried away in the perfect world of social media and marketing emails. Marketing emails like the one below, telling me what my child is doing now, all just assuming that at this age they must be walking, talking, etc. Parents proudly sharing their babies first steps and conversations, and rightly so, I have absolutely nothing against parents sharing these things, I will myself, but I couldn't help watch them and wonder if my baby was slow.

No... My 17 month old isn't behind - Marketing Emails Stop Telling Me So!

"Your toddler’s mobility has increased dramatically over the last few months; now she can walk unaided and can probably squat down to examine something on the floor and then stand back up again and move on without any help."   :-Email from Emma's Dairy. 


July 2016 UK Degustabox Unboxing Video

I absolutely loved my Degustabox* last month so was super excited to find out that we will now be receiving a box to review each month. If you've not heard of Degustabox before they are basically the food equivalent to the popular beauty box. You register on the site filling in a short profile and you receive a box of 10-15 surprise foodie treats each month, with no commitment necessary. Today I will be showing you the products that I received in my July box and the approximate value of the products combined, along with a very generous £7 discount code! 


June 2016 Degustabox - My Thoughts & How I Used It

You may have already seen the contents of the June Degustabox* in my unboxing vlog, now that I've had a chance to try out the contents of the box I figure it is about time I shared my thoughts on the items and what I did with them.

June Degustabox my thoughts - picture of contents of box - header image for blog post reviewing each individual item


Win a Boardman SLR Bike with Halfords

As you may be aware the Tour de France is well underway and the riders are currently making their way through the 21 stages of the event. Halfords are a huge cycling brand so have decided to celebrate by hosting a real-time competition following the Tour de France whilst it winds its way to the finishing line down the Champs Elysees in Paris on the 24th of July and are giving the entrants to win a main prize worth £1,799, amongst other things!

vintage baby blue bike with floral arrangement in background leaning against pink fence with bunting


#smarTdiscoveries with smarTrike

We love getting out and about with Aria, especially when we actually have some sunshine. We live in such a lovely area and it is nice to get out so that Aria can discover her surroundings. I often feel sorry for her when she is stuck in her pushchair, which is why we couldn't wait to get involved in the #smarTdiscoveries project.

baby girl sat in pink smartrike for #smartdiscoveries project


Updates - Where We've Been

You may have noticed (or at least I hope you did!) that I've been absent from my blog and social media over the past week or so, we've had a few problems with Aria teething and I've been suffering with awful migraines, so when I have had chance to blog I just haven't felt like it! I decided to film a short vlog to update you on what has been going on and where we've been - I hope you enjoy it! I have a new camera (Canon 70D) and couldn't wait to try filming with it. Apologies for the noise in the video, lesson learnt not to use that lens for videos again!


Breakfast The Naturopathic Way with Primrose's Kitchen*

I'm all for healthy eating, I really am, I just don't have the time or the inclination to stick to it, and I get hungry, really hungry. When I find foods that claim to be easy to prepare, healthy and filling I can't resist giving them a go, which is why when I was asked if I would like to try some of the naturopathic cereals from Primrose's Kitchen* I couldn't resist.

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A Letter To My Teething Baby

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Aria's First Tooth - #MySundayPhoto 6

Last weekend saw Aria's first tooth make an appearance, she is now sixteen months old so it has been a long time coming! As we expected there are quite a few coming through at once, within the space of a week she already has four that we know of (she doesn't really let us look!), one on the bottom and three on the top.

Baby girl first tooth at sixteen months holding 'today I got my first tooth' milestone card


Blogging Income & Stats June 2016

As predicted my decision to be more picky about the sponsored work that I accept has meant that I haven't had a huge income from blogging this month, not that I ever did! I'm not put off by this and will continue to be more picky with the collaborative work that I accept, I am no longer publishing paid for follow links, I have a set fee in mind that I won't go under and I am just generally being more picky about the topics and only advertising them if they are a good fit for me, my blog and my readers.

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