My Parenting Style - The Relaxed Approach

I always hear talk about different parenting styles, often people thinking that their way is the only way. Some parents make it seem as though if you don't do baby led weaning and carry your baby in a sling you are the devil. Others would have you believe that you must puree all of their food and set strict nap times, otherwise you are the devil. Myself, I take a relaxed approach and just go with the flow.

my parenting style - the relaxed approach - we didn't do blw we don't allow nap times to control our lives we sometimes allow our daughter to eat chocolate, other times we super healthy - our parenting style is relaxed. Attachment parenting, routine led parenting - does any of it really matter?


New Home Dreams - Windows and Doors*

*Sponsored by Falcon Windows*

You may be aware that we are currently trying to sell our house, we sold it but unfortunately it all fell through, and we haven't had much interest in it since, which is very disheartening but it doesn't stop me constantly updating RightMove and dreaming about my one day home. Lately I have been thinking a lot about the appearance of the house from the front, the windows and doors can make a huge difference. I have just spotted that South Wales based Falcon Installations have 20% off so it would be the perfect time to invest in some new windows and doors - if only I had a new house to put them in!

new home dreams - windows and doors. Home sweet home sign in window with header text over.


Relaxing & Unwinding As A Parent*

*Sponsored by Rattan Direct*

As a parent it can be really difficult to find the time to switch off, relax and unwind, especially when you write a blog. I suffer from serious mum guilt and feel that as soon as Aria goes to sleep I should be doing something, whether it be housework, blog work or cooking the tea, I can't simply just relax and unwind, can I?

relaxing and unwinding as a parent - blog header photo - how do you relax and unwind as a parent? Finding the time without mum guilt creeping in is difficult


Tutorial & Giveaway : Multi-Colour Tie Dye Sleepsuit with Dylon*

*I received the Dylon for the purpose of this post - however all opinions are my own*

I absolutely love buying unique and unusual baby clothing for Aria, but, those unique and unusual baby clothes often come at a price, which is why I decided to up-cycle some plain white sleepsuits and create my own unique clothing. Aria now has a set of super cute, one of a kind sleepsuits which I think is super cool. I filmed a tutorial showing exactly how I used the tie dye method to give a sleepsuit a new lease of life. If you fancy up-cycling your own garments with Dylon be sure to scroll right to the end of the post for a Dylon giveaway.

baby wearing a pink, purple and blue tie dye sleepsuit - video tutorial and a chance to win Dylon yourself


Meet The Welsh Bloggers - Ant Couture

Several years ago I decided to set up a facebook group for South Wales Bloggers, through running this group I have discovered that there is a huge bunch of unique and talented bloggers in South Wales. I have decided to show case some of this talent in a new weekly series, meet the Welsh Bloggers. The very first blogger to appear in my series is one of my personal favourites, Ant Couture, I am lucky enough to have met Anthony and shared several laughs with him, you can't not laugh when you are in his company, he really is a lovely and genuine guy.

meet the Welsh bloggers series - featuring Ant Couture


Family Fun In Blackpool*

*Written in collaboration with Voucherbox*

Back last year we decided to visit Blackpool in October for the Illuminations. I've only ever been to Blackpool once before and I instantly fell in love with the place, Spencer had never been and wasn't very keen on the idea of it but I was determined to change his mind! I challenge anyone to walk along Blackpool Promenade without smiling - I'm sure it is impossible!

family fun in Blackpool - blogpost header picture - blackpool beach, promenade and tower


Vlogstars : The Blogger Tag

I've decided to link up to #Vlogstars again this month, I really enjoyed getting involved with the TMI Tag last month and am hoping to link up each month going forward. Vlogstars is hosted by You Baby Me Mummy & Mr & Mrs T Plus Three, every month they pick a selection of questions and ask fellow bloggers to join them in answering said questions.

#vlogstars the blogger tag - header image mother and waving baby


From Judging to Judged - Parental Judgement

Judging people, it's human nature really isn't it? Especially when it comes to parents, everyone who is everyone judges parents. I have in the past, even before I was a parent myself which was really silly, I hadn't experienced bringing up children myself so who was I to pass judgement on others?

crying baby sat on bed wearing I'm not tired vest - header image with text over from judging to judged - parental judgement


September 2016 UK Degustabox* Unboxing

*Disclaimer : I receive a Degustabox each month in exchange for an honest review*

Today I received the September edition of the Degustabox (check me out, actually blogging it the same day that I receive it, impressive right?). As usual I received a wide range of delicious (and some not so delicious) foodie products and drinks. This month I decided to film the box as I opened it and try some of the products while filming, don't worry, I've edited the majority of horrid eating noises out!

September 2016 UK Degustabox Unboxing header image over picture holding up two packets of Chia Bia whole & milled Chia seed sachets


Review & Vlog : Longleat Safari Park*

Longleat are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year, as part of their celebrations they invited us to go along as a family* for some roar-some adventures. Come on safari with us and go through the monkey enclosure, on an ocean cruise, through the lion den and much more!

A review of Longleat safari park including a vlog - photo of monkey on car

Macmillan Coffee Morning with the South Wales Parent Bloggers

Yesterday I was invited along to Parc Play, Cardiff, with several other local parent bloggers for a Macmillan Coffee Morning. I'm a huge supporter of coffee mornings, what's not to love about getting together with friends, eating cake and raising money for a great charity?

Macmillan coffee morning with the south wales parent bloggers


Guest Post : Family Fun in Tenby

I am a born and bred Welsh girl and I have to admit that out of all the places in Wales, Tenby is my favourite place to go. Whether it's for a day trip or a weekend away, it is a must!

I've been visiting Tenby since I was a little girl, so it's only natural that I take my daughter there now.

It usually takes me around 40 to 50 minutes to get to Tenby, but the drive is worth it! When you are there the parking is cheap and there is plenty to do.

My favourite place for food is The Lifeboat Tavern, but if you don't fancy pub grub there are plenty of other places around.

The beaches are by far my favourite ones in Wales. Tenby Harbour Beach is breathtakingly beautiful, but I wouldn't say it was the most popular for families. It's hard to say why as it has in recent years been voted the most beautiful beach in Europe.

Tenby Harbour Beach most beautiful beach in Europe

North Beach however is definitely more popular with families and tends to be the busier of the two.

This was the beach where a seven year old me was told that if I went into a certain cave I would come out as a mermaid. I then cried for the rest of the day as despite me wanting to be a mermaid when I grew up, the reality of it scared me just a little bit.

North beach tenby

We  had a fantastic time on North Beach and it was the first proper time my daughter had experienced the sand and the sea. Needless to say, she loved it!

baby at tenby beach in splash swim suit

From this beach you can also get a boat over to Caldey Island which is inhabited by monks. On the island there are churches, small homes, gift shops, a chocolate factory, a lighthouse and more. It's my favourite thing to do when I am in Tenby as the sense of calm there is unreal.

Caldey Island which is inhabited by monks Tenby

Also, the view of Tenby from Caldey Island is also breathtaking. I love just wandering the island and enjoying the quiet. It is definitely somewhere I could move to - I'm not a hustle and bustle city girl that's for sure!

Caldey Island Tenby views

If you ever visit Wales make sure that Tenby is on the top of your priority list. Whether you are young or old there will be something for you to love and I am sure you will keep going back like I do!


Thank you Jenna for this lovely guest post, Tenby sure if beautiful and I'm going to have to look into visiting soon! If you enjoyed this post then check out Jenna's blog, Then There Were Three, Jenna blogs about parenting, lifestyle and general randomness!

If you would like to contribute to the 'family fun in..' series please email me.


Toddler Tantrums, Tears & Sickness

I say toddler, is Aria a toddler now? I've always thought toddler status came with walking, Aria isn't walking yet but at eighteen months old I don't really think of her as a baby now, and the tantrums seem very toddler-ish.

toddler tears tantrums and sickness. crying baby sat on bed wearing i'm not tired vest and pink tutu


August 2016 UK Degustabox* Unboxing

*I receive a Degustabox each month in exchange for an honest review*

I'm a little late sharing my Degustabox for August, firstly because it arrived a lot later than usual and secondly because it has been sat in my house for about a week waiting for me to find the time to film a video.


Introducing...The Parent Pod

I'm so excited to share some big news with you guys, as you already know I have been slowly venturing into the world of YouTube, well I have now made quite a big jump into that world and teamed up with some other super talented bloggers and vloggers to create a new collaborative channel called The Parent Pod.

The Parent Pod YouTube collaborative channel header

Home : #ShelfieTour

Living in a two bed terraced house means that we are always on the look out for new storage solutions, especially since the arrival of Aria and everything that comes with her. We have always had a shelving unit in the dining room alcove storing many things from books to booze. It didn't fill the entire alcove which resulted in a lot of wasted space, so we decided that it was time for Spencer to install some DIY shelves to really utilise the space.

#shelfietour a collage showcasing photos of a diy shelving unit - white with teacups flowers and fairy lights.


Blogging Income & Stats August 2016

I've had another bad month of blogging, my mojo is pretty much non-existent and I'm really struggling to motivate myself to get any work done. I'm sure that it is just a phase and I can't wait for it to be over! When I actually switch the computer on I enjoy myself, it's just switching it on that is the problem!

flowers on keyboard header image for blogging income and stats report August 2016 a slice of my life wales